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We offer assistance with:

  • membership development

  • event management

  • member coaching and strategy to maximize memberships

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  • public relations

  • communications: newsletters, web, social and more

  • administrative tasks and procedures

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The Short Story

Associations and groups are my passion. For over 20 years, I have been working for not-for-profits, non-profits (with a government agency and corporate experience rounding out the mix). I know well the value provided by associations, and more importantly, how to evaluate and leverage their value. But far too often, that value is not fully tapped. Money gets left on the table and opportunities are wasted. Members don't understand what benefits they have or even how to take full advantage of the ones they are familiar with. Associations and groups grapple with ways to better serve their members, but fall short. And something gets lost in translation.

Get Memberly helps companies and executives connect the dots ... to more opportunities and better, faster results. We help unlock the potential that is there for the taking ... if you know how.

A good neighbor is, well, neighborly.
A good member is memberly.

Being memberly is all about being the best member you can be ... which is the kind who contributes and derives significantly more value from memberships. Learning how to get memberly might even prove to be your hidden advantage to succeeding faster.

Being memberly can make you more effective in all spheres of your life, both personally and professionally -- making you a better team contributor and a bette leader. It can be employed across all your interest areas and geographies, from coaching soccer in your town, to launching a start-up in your state to advancing your industry across the globe.

At the individual level, learning how to get memberly can help you find a new job and enhance your skill set. At the company level, learning how to get memberly can help you find new business opportunities or fast track success. And since a rising tide raises all boats, on the global stage, getting memberly can help America sharpen its global competitiveness as its citizenry learns to better leverage the amazing power of groups.

Are you getting the maximum value from your assocation and group memberships?
Are you looking for ways to drive engagement and retention within your member based group?
Do you know which groups generate the best leads and referrals for your business?
Are you using social media and other tools to attract new members?

Better engage your members.

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You must do the things you think you cannot do. - Eleanor Roosevelt

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